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I think + I advise + I design + I develop

About Me

My name is Firas Sleibi, I am a Senior Software Engineer, raised in Aleppo - Syria, Live and work in Dubai - UAE.
Developing and Creating is not my job, It is actually what I do when I want to have fun!
Started my passion in Technology since I was only 13 years old, developed myself day by day, Everyday learning new experience and being more creative.
I have a Bachelor Degree in Information & Communication Technology Engineering.
To know more about my study, work and career please feel free to download my Resume from the link below!

I advise and analyse

I provide advise and analyse and think of the best solutions for your projects, to make it more efficient, simple and special!

I Design

I provide modern designs using latest design strategies and provide unique attractive design

I develop

I develop responsive HTML5 websites (Ecommerce - Wordpress - Costumized - Static - VB .. ECT),Mobile Applications and PC softwares, using latest frameworks, clean file structure and code is my priority!

What I do

I help you develop projects from scratch, give me the idea and I'll work to make it true.

Website Development

Simple website to complicated websites. Static - Dynamic - Ecommerce - Wordpress - VB - Joomla and more.

Android/IOS Applications

Developmont of Android mobile applications from simple to complicated, Manage replication process to IOS with my IOS team.

Hosting & Server Management

Provide reliable hosting solutions, manage and backup your website files, mails and database.

Troubleshooting & Security

Fix bugs in your softwares , servers and platforms. Find and close all vulnerables on your platform.


Sample of some projects I developed!

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Hire me now and let me provide you digital solutions for your projects!
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you can contact me using the form below or directly to my Email: firassleibi@gmail.com